Less than two weeks before The Daedalus Incident sails forth in mass-market paperback

TDI-adThat’s right — less than two weeks to go before The Daedalus Incident returns to bookstores in a shiny new package.

It’s always nice to have a book come out, even one that’s already been out. I see the mass-market paperback release of The Daedalus Incident on March 15 — and its sequels in May and July, respectively — as a great chance for folks to give the books a try at a lower cost. And it’s also nifty to let folks get a sneak peek at MJ-12: Inception before it comes out in hardcover in September.

And for the record, each of the Daedalus novels will have a different MJ-12: Inception excerpt — plenty of opportunities to check out the first of the MAJESTIC-12 series of paranormal Cold War spy-fi novels. Because, dammit, I’m all about value.

If you want to get your hands on Daedalus now, you could slide on over to Amazon, where the mass-market paperback is already available for $7.99. And the Kindle edition is now selling for $7.59. I don’t know when or whether other ebook sellers will drop the price, so tell your friends to move fast if they’re Kindle readers.

As for other print retailers, we still expect them to go with the March 15 release. And as always, I would encourage you to head over to your local bookstore and buy it there, or go online and get it from folks like Borderlands Books or Mysterious Galaxy. Independent bookstores rock.

Finally, I would point out that Operation: DAEDALUS remains in full effect, so if you want to win a copy of the mass-market paperback and an advance reader copy of MJ-12: Inception when the latter becomes available, use your social media powers to spread the word about The Daedalus Incident and the new release. Each time you post to Facebook, or Tweet or Pin or whatever, you’re automatically entered to win. Post early, post often. And you get multiple entries if you leave a review of the book on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc. — wherever folks buy or review books.

Don’t worry about pinging me about your entries — I’m watching and searching and will compile the entries myself. The random number generator will do the rest.

As always, my thanks to all the readers who have made the Daedalus trilogy a success, and to those who are actively introducing the books to new readers. You all rock, and I hope MJ-12: Inception will be up your alley as well.


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