Revealed! The cover of MJ-12: Inception!

Been sitting on this for a little while now, waiting impatiently to share it with you. Now I can, and it’s very gratifying indeed.

The Barnes & Noble SF & Fantasy Blog had the exclusive cover reveal of MJ-12: Inception earlier today. I may be biased, but dang, this thing is gorgeous.



I think it really captures that Cold War thriller feel, while still giving a great hint as to the paranormal aspects of the story.  The good folks at Night Shade Books really did a fantastic job, and really let me have a lot of input on the design as we went along. Not every author gets to do that, and I’m mighty grateful for it.

I also got to see some pages today that are going to look amazing. Not to give too much away, but in the fine tradition of MAJESTIC-12 conspiracy theorists, we have some “official government documents” (which were totally made up by me, except for one) scattered throughout the book. They look incredibly real, and they’re going to make for fun reading.

My thanks to Joel over at the B&N SF&F Blog for hosting the cover today, and everyone at NSB for all the hard work. This most excellent art will grace the cover of MJ-12: Inception when it launches in hardcover on Sept. 6. And you can pre-order at B&N as well as at Amazon if you so choose!



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5 responses to “Revealed! The cover of MJ-12: Inception!

  1. The cover is a good one.
    Are there any plans to publish the book in other formats like paperback and/or digital?

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