Some website housekeeping and a word about pre-orders

As you can see, I’ve done a bit of work on the site this week. The new cover for MJ-12: Inception provided a pretty nifty new banner up top, for one, and that cover is now to the right of this post as well. Because, darn it, it’s just that pretty.

I’ve also cleaned up the MAJESTIC-12 series page and given MJ-12: Inception its very own page as well. The series page may have a hint or two as to the book I’m writing right now — MJ-12:Inception‘s sequel — and it’s worth noting that the book page itself has links to all of the pre-orders I could find.

(Note: Pre-orders are super-important. The more pre-orders that come in, the more booksellers are likely to stock and promote the book, and those orders count toward first-week sales as well, which also gets booksellers on board. So if you like my work and are of a mind to check out MJ-12: Inception, I would be pleased as punch if you considered pre-ordering from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-MillionIndie Bound or your friendly neighborhood bookseller.)

I would also encourage you to keep your eye on in the coming days and weeks. I imagine you’ll find some pretty nifty stuff crop up there as well.

All that said, what you’re seeing here is temporary. Come August, it’s my fervent hope and dream to completely redesign this here site so that it has a proper landing page and some spiffier graphics and menus. I’ll be four books into my writing career by late summer, so I think it’s time to step up.

Happy reading!


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