Listen to the Skiffy & Fanty podcast where we destroy Battle Beyond the Stars

You know, if it wasn’t for the Skiffy & Fanty podcast, I’d be watching a much better class of movies.

But that said, it’s always fun to go on the podcast and obliterate a particularly egregious example of the cinematic arts. And this time, Jen Zink and Paul Weimer had me on to discuss Battle Beyond the Stars, which somehow roped Robert Vaughn and George Peppard into a horrible Seven Samurai knockoff set in space.

I won’t ruin the fun for you, because we really had a good time putting this movie out of our misery. (Not a typo, that.) The Skiffy & Fanty crew are always a joy to geek out with; my thanks to them for having me on again, though perhaps not for choosing this particular film.

You can check out the podcast page here, complete with embedded MP3, or download it from the podcast purveyor of your choice.

And if you happen to have 100 minutes of your life to waste…go pre-order MJ-12: Shadows if you haven’t already. But once you do that, you can watch the entire movie below, because nobody cared about the intellectual property rights to this one, apparently.


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