io9 and The Verge say MJ-12: Shadows should be on your radar

I mean, don’t take it from me. Of course I think you should totally look out for MJ-12: Shadows when it releases Tuesday, unless you were wise enough to pre-order.

But it’s totally awesome when other people think it’s worth noting, too.

Cheryl Eddy over at io9 says MJ-12: Shadows is one of the science fiction and fantasy books to keep on your radar this fall, while Andrew Liptak of The Verge says it’s one of the 16 science fiction and fantasy books to read this September.

It’s always cool to be on lists like these, but even better when you consider the company. Both lists have tons of authors I admire, respect and have gotten tipsy with. Some of these works are just insanely good. I’m always excited and humbled to be in their company.

MJ-12: Shadows — Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Books-A-Million | Mysterious Galaxy


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