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So I’m thinking of doing a story collection and I want your thoughts. Yes, you!

As I’ve mentioned on the blog here before, I won’t have a new novel out in 2019. I’m working on one now, in point of fact, and the more it challenges me and kicks my ass, the more I love this book. But I’ll be lucky to have it written by summer. So 2019 is likely right out.

That said, I’m used to having a new something out in the world each year, even as I recognize just how privileged I am to even be able to say that. Six novels, one per year, since 2013 represents an immense amount of good fortune. But yes, I’ll really miss having new work out there.

Or will I?

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2016 in review: Stuff I wrote

MJ-12-newcover2016 may not have been the best of years — thanks, Donald — but I’m pleased to say that I wrote some pretty good stuff this year, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about it, being in a somewhat reflective mood as the year spirals toward its fiery doom…er…wraps up and folks get blitzed on cheap champagne.

The biggie, obviously, was the hardcover release of my latest novel, MJ-12: Inception, first of the MAJESTIC-12 series of Cold War paranormal spy-fi thrillers. I was super-pleased with the reception, and chuffed to see folks embrace it. To all those readers out there, I thank you muchly for your enthusiasm and kind words.

Night Shade Books also released the Daedalus trilogy in mass-market paperback this year. It was fun to see those books get new life and new readers.

I also contributed a novelette, “Mind Flight,” to the Geeky Giving anthology effort, which benefits the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. Barrow works to combat neurological disorders, and the theme of the anthology was to embrace that cutting-edge research. “Mind Flight” is the story of a pilot who links her brain to her fighter jet in order to help fend off an alien invasion — and what happens when the aliens figure out a terrible way to fight back. It’s my first hard SF work, and I’m proud to have it in there with so many other talented writers. All proceeds go to Barrow, so pick up a copy!

endlessagesFinally, I got another chance to embrace my geeky, misspent youth by contributing a short story to the Endless Ages anthology, which featured stories set in the Vampire: The Masquerade game setting. “Tiger” is the story of a young vampire caught up in the power games of her elders, with near-disastrous results. It was a total blast to revisit the setting and embrace my Gothic Punk side.

I also had an article published in the October issue of Writer’s Digest, talking about how I use Excel to outline my novels, which was pretty cool. Sadly, you’d need to get the magazine to read the actual piece, but I can point you to the online exclusive bit, wherein you can download part of my outline and see how the alleged magic happens.

As for 2017? MJ-12: Shadows, the follow-up to Inception, should be coming out some time in the late summer/early fall, and I believe plans are in the works for a paperback release of MJ-12: Inception before that. I also have a bit of a passion project I’m working up on the side, and I’m hopeful it finds a home. I also have a short story or two I’m noodling on, but the plate gets full fast, so we’ll see how it goes.

As of right now, I’m not sure what my con schedule will look like for 2017 quite yet. I like Phoenix Comicon and DragonCon a lot, but I’m wondering if it’d be worthwhile to mix it up this year. I don’t think I have the capacity to add to my schedule — I have a full-time job on top of all this fictioning, after all — and I’d be torn about missing out on two fantastic cons. But there are others that seem interesting, and have the benefit of not falling on two super-popular holiday weekends, so we’ll see.

Again, much thanks and gratitude to all the readers who picked up my work this year. You give me the fuel to keep at it, and I deeply appreciate it.

May you all enjoy a peaceful holiday season, and may we all have a better year ahead.


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Endless Ages, the Vampire anthology, is now up for sale

endlessagesJust a quick note: You can now head on over to DriveThruFiction and purchase your very own copy of Endless Ages, the anthology celebrating Vampire: The Masquerade in all its past and present forms, out today from Onyx Path.

Yes, this includes my short story, “Tiger,” along with stories from so many other fantastic writers — Delilah S. Dawson, Na’amen Gobert Tilahun, Bill Bridges and Richard Dansky, to name but a few — all edited by the awesome Jaym Gates. I’m honored to be among such a great mix of original Vampire writers and new voices.

Oh, and hey, if you do happen to click the sample link on the DriveThruFiction page, you’ll be able to read “Tiger” in its entirety. (I read it again today and, man, I’m really happy with how it turned out.) All I ask is that if you liked the story, please consider buying the entire anthology for more Kindred goodness!


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I have a short story in the new Vampire: The Masquerade anthology!

endlessagesYay! I sold another short story! And this one is near and dear to my heart.

I spent many nights in college playing Vampire: The Masquerade with my friends, and the game stuck with me through the years; I’d venture to say that it’s one of the influences that led me to eventually try my hand at fiction. So when Jaym Gates — an awesome person and excellent editor — said she was doing a V:tM anthology for Onyx Path Publications, I raised my hand faster than the know-it-all kid in the back seat of class.

I’m proud to say that my story, “Tiger,” leads off the new Endless Ages anthology, which includes fantastic stories from some of Vampire‘s long-time contributors as well as newbies like myself and other awesome scribes like Delilah S. Dawson. (Hi, Delilah!)

And what’s “Tiger” about? Well, the good people at Onyx Path posted a little intro I wrote, along with a brief excerpt. So click here to check it outEndless Ages drops on Wednesday, and excerpts are running all the way up until Halloween. I’ll update with buying links and whatnot when I get ’em.

My thanks to Jaym and the whole crew at Onyx Path for letting me scratch another one off the authorial bucket list!


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