Interview at The Founding Fields

Abhinav Jain (a.k.a. Shadowhawk) of The Founding Fields was one of the very first people to review The Daedalus Incident last spring, and what’s better, he liked it a lot. So it was a real pleasure to get together again for an interview. We talk about where Daedalus came from, as well as the fun and challenges inherent in writing the follow-up, The Enceladus Crisis.

He also continues to like the book, to wit:

…Michael wrote one of my favourite books of the year, a really memorable story that has stayed with me even now, months after the I read it. In fact, I’d say that the novel is in contention for best debut of the year from among all the other debuts I’ve read in 2013. Its been a great year for debut authors and Michael is at the head of the pack.

That’s high praise. He’s absolutely right that there’s been some fantastic books out this year, written by really great authors. I’m honored to be on the same bookshelves, frankly.

The interview is pretty in-depth, and Abhinav asks some interesting questions, so click on over and check it out! Thanks, Abhinav!


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