New video review of The Daedalus Incident

The folks over at Club Fantasci, a book club for all things SF/F, recently took on The Daedalus Incident — and posted an hour-long video discussing the book.

Now, perhaps this is a self-deprecation thing, but I didn’t realize I had enough stuff in there for people to discuss for an hour. Apparently there is. The participants are all writerly folks, and they dig deep into the book’s character, setting, plot, point-of-view, voice, etc. Aside from a bit with an overly curious cat, there’s not a lot of fluff in the conversation. So to speak.

The best part, of course, is that they really liked the book. I didn’t transcribe anything, but words like “original” and “must read” were used. There were differing opinions of things that worked well, or didn’t, but overall, it was a really good showing for Daedalus. So thanks to Club Fantasci revierers Ciara Ballintyne, Melody Kaufmann and Dionne Lister for the review!


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  1. It was our pleasure. You really are a talented author and I hope you write many, many more books.

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