Kirkus names The Enceladus Crisis among May’s best speculative fiction reads

enceladuscover-frontThe word spreads: Kirkus Reviews placed The Enceladus Crisis among the best speculative fiction reads coming out in May. Reviewer John DeNardo added that Enceladus may work well for fans of classic literature looking to branch out into science fiction and fantasy, noting that it’s the second book “in an exciting series of books described as ‘Horatio Hornblower in space.'” Which, really, is a pretty spot-on description.

Also worth noting: listed The Enceladus Crisis among the month’s new releases as well, which is a great thing given that so many fans of SF/F read the site religiously.

Again, it’s worth noting that while Amazon and other online outlets have begun shipping The Enceladus Crisis to preorder customers, the book won’t be available in ebook or audiobook until May 6. And I don’t think it’ll be on bookstore shelves until then, either — but if you see it out there beforehand, do let me know!



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4 responses to “Kirkus names The Enceladus Crisis among May’s best speculative fiction reads

  1. Robert Junker

    I have it in the list of new releases that will be posted on Tuesday on Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing!
    And I’m definitely looking forward to reading it. The first one was excellent.

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