The Skiffy and Fanty takedown of Highlander II, guest-starring me, is live

The podcast of Skiffy and Fanty‘s Torture Cinema, in which I join the crew in reviewing that horrible monstrosity Highlander II: The Quickening, is now live and ready for your download! Plus, there’s video, which means you get to see what I look like late on a Friday night after a long week of work.

Click here for both audio and video enjoyment. Skiffy and Fanty is, of course, available on iTunes or wherever fine podcasts are…downloaded, I suppose. Whatever, you know where to go.

For those interested, I’m enjoying a Foley Brothers Native Brown Ale while podcasting here, because I needed a good beer to wash away the bitter aftertaste of this film. Foley Brothers is a small brewer in Brandon, Vt., and they do great beers. Tough to find outside the Green Mountain State, but if you do, give ’em a try.

You can see my take on Native Brown Ale, and many others, via my Untappd page.

Many thanks to Shaun, Jen and Julia for putting up with my selection of the film, and for being such excellent sports. I had a blast!


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