Goodreads “Ask the Author” now open, plus more Venusian Gambit pre-order links

I might have been slightly remiss in not having done this until now, but I’ve officially opened up my “Ask the Author” submissions over on Goodreads. Just go to my author page and submit a question in the appropriate field; I’ll generally answer within a day or two.

Also worth noting: The Venusian Gambit now has its very own Goodreads page, fully linked to my author page and the Daedalus series page. Very exciting stuff. If you’re on Goodreads, don’t forget to add Gambit to your to-read list!

Finally, there’s a couple more pre-order pages up for Gambit. In addition to the vendors already available, you can also pre-order the third volume of the series from two excellent independent bookstores: Powell’s and Northshire Bookstore.

Everybody who likes books tends to know about the awesomeness that is Powell’s, while Northshire was one of my local bookstores growing up in Vermont. Both are worth checking out in general, and I’d be quite pleased if you ordered my work from either.


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