Kudos for The Enceladus Crisis cover

enceladuscover-frontIt’s that time of year when the “best-of” stuff starts coming out, and Shadowhawk (a.k.a. Abhinav Jain) saw fit to include the cover of The Enceladus Crisis in his roundup of the 12 best covers of the year. He says:

The cover for The Daedalus Incident was every bit as awesome as the cover for The Enceladus Crisis and what I find really amazing in this new one is that it is so different and unique from “typical” space opera where you have starships fighting it out in the void. Well, this is the same thing, but with sailing ships in space. That’s just too awesome for words really.

I agree. Lauren Saint-Onge did the fantastic cover art, while Victoria Maderna and Federico Piatti did the design work. Abhinav also reiterated a few nice words about the story, too:

Michael debuted last year on a very strong note with The Daedalus Incident and he carries forward almost all of the same energy and excitement of the debut, telling a new story with characters I’ve come to really care about, in a setting that is wildly creative unlike any space opera I’ve read before.

That is pretty darn awesome. Thanks, Abhinav!

By the way, we’re just about ready to unveil the cover of The Venusian Gambit, probably in the next week or two. I’m going to do a big splash on another web site (that gets more traffic than this one, because duh), but I’ll repost here as well. Lauren did the art again, and let me tell you, it’s crazy good. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.


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