MJ-12: Shadows acknowledgements

Back in 2013, which feels like the Triassic Period these days, I posted the acknowledgements published in The Daedalus Incident here on the blog about a week after the book came out. Since then, I’ve decided to post the acknowledgements from every book, because, let’s face it, not everybody reads them when the story’s done. Also, it’s been several months since I last looked at the text of MJ-12: Shadows, and updates may be in order.

So here, then, are the acknowledgements as published in MJ-12: Shadows, and I’ll fill in a bit more after that. And now that I read this again, I realize there’s a minor spoiler below, so avoid that bit if you want to go into the book completely fresh.

First, I would like to thank everyone who bought and enjoyed the first book in this series, MJ-12: Inception, as well as my other work. I get to make stuff up, write it down, and sell it because of you, and I am eternally grateful for it. So many reviewers, fans, and fellow authors have contributed to the success of this series, and all my work, and it’s getting difficult after five novels to list you all out. But I remain thankful for everyone who has ever given me a leg up, a space to write, a kind word, and a stiff drink. I will work hard to pay it back, forward, and sideways whenever possible.

I’d like to thank the folks at Borderlands Books in San Francisco for having me over to help launch the first book in this series. If you like science fiction and fantasy, I strongly urge you to visit them, either in person if you can, or online. The folks at both Phoenix Comicon and DragonCon in Atlanta also helped immensely in getting the word out on this series, and if you find yourself looking for great cons to go to, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

A special shout-out to the real Christina Vanoverbeke, winner of a prize I sponsored in the raffle benefitting Kids Need to Read at 2016’s Phoenix Comicon. The prize was to have a character in this book named after her—and to give that character a noteworthy death. I can only hope that being unceremoniously shot by a historical villain, and then having a nuclear weapon dropped on her corpse, has sufficed in fulfilling my end of the bargain.

As always, editor Cory Allyn at Night Shade Books has done incredible work in making this book better—and calming this writer’s nerves. And my thanks to Jason Katzman and Brianna Scharfenberg at NSB for all their support as well. Richard Shealy remains the best copyeditor in the business; he’s a big part of why this book makes actual sense. My agent, Sara Megibow, has been a firm believer in my work, and any alleged talent I may possess, for six years now. She is a most excellent advocate and a lovely person, and I wouldn’t be here without her.

Finally, my wife Kate and daughter Anna needed a little extra patience with me as I wrote this one, and I am especially grateful to them for dealing with a particularly harried version of myself. They continue to make everything in life better. I love you both.

Again, the acknowledgements pages were last seen before summer hit, and there are others to thank for their help in making MJ-12: Shadows what it is and will be. So in no particular order other than what comes to mind, I would like to thank: Beth Cato, Harry Turtledove, Mike Underwood, Chuck Wendig, Mary Robinette Kowal, John Scalzi, Chris Roberson, Dan Hanks, Paul Weimer, Shaun Duke, Jen Zink, Sally Janin, Luther M. Siler, Michael Cook, Matt Mitrovich, Robert Junker, Caitlin Thomas and probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting because it’s not even 10 a.m. on Labor Day and my second cup of coffee is only half-done.

I get to do this because there’s literally dozens and dozens of people out there lending their talents, voices and platforms to my work. And there are many, many more people who are spending their hard earned cash to read it. To all of you — thank you. It means the world to me.

MJ-12: Shadows — Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Books-A-Million | Mysterious Galaxy


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